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Commercial contracts

Our lawyers provide clear, practical advice on a wide range of commercial agreements to clients across a broad spectrum of business sectors. Consulting with us at the start can help avoid costly legal issues at a later stage, and ensure you achieve your commercial aims.

Whether it is a relatively simple agreement or one involving cross-border issues we can provide expert, bespoke advice. Our team can also advise on issues arising under UK and European legislation, including European competition/antitrust rules.

Some examples of recent work include:

  • Negotiating a £35m agreement for the outsourcing of IT services
  • Drafting and negotiating software licences, including boxed product agreements, shrink-wrap licences, volume agreements and licences for digital content
  • Drafting standard terms and conditions for the use of a website
  • Preparing a distribution agreement in relation to a website selling art products
  • Negotiating an agreement for the worldwide distribution of alcoholic beverages
  • Drafting standard terms for the sales of household cleaning products to retailers
  • Negotiating agreements between a German pharmaceutical company and a US distributor
  • Preparing agreements for the sale of electronic products in the UK and Germany
  • Advising on the competition/antitrust aspects of agency, distribution and franchising agreements
  • Drafting manufacturing agreements for clients in a variety of sectors
  • Negotiating the building contract and professional appointments for a £200m+ development in the City of London
  • Drafting and negotiating a development agreement for a leisure complex
  • Negotiating a £ multi-million agreement for project-managing the deregulation of domestic electricity supplies
  • Advising on agreements with authors and subscribers in respect of journals published on the internet
  • Preparing an agreement for the provision of specialist services in connection with the making of a film
  • Drafting a licensing agreement in relation to a product marketing video
  • Advising on a contract for the provision of public relations services
  • Preparing contracts relating to the holding of an international conference

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