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Copyright infringement

This area is diverse and protects a whole manner of intellectual property (IP) including books, music, software and film. Infringement may be:

  • Primary infringement – where someone uses or reproduces the whole or a substantial part of a work which has copyright in material form, which may include literacy, dramatics, musicals or artistic works
  • Secondary infringement – generally commercial dealings with a copy of a copyright work, such as selling pirate DVDs

With the technological world advancing at a rapid pace and social media networks swiftly expanding the market for many works in which copyright subsists, the work may be widely available for download and sharing without users having given any thought as to the copyright owners exclusive rights to exploit this material, subject to any valid licences.

The world of copyright and additions to what may be considered a copyright work is ever expanding and open to criticism.

We are here to advise you on the protection of copyright of a work, successful exploitation of copyrights and moral rights and how to take effective action against those who infringe your copyright.

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