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Launching and maintaining your brand

Are you starting your own business, re-branding your business, simply seeking to maintain the identity of your business?

The protection of your intellectual property is a key part of branding and maintaining the identity of your business, and the goodwill associated with the products or services you provide.

Brand protection is inherently important to all businesses whether fledging or long established.

From the name of your business and the logo you use to the colour of your signage or the shape of the packaging of your products, intellectual property subsists in each and we are on hand to provide you with expert, straightforward advice as to how best to protect your intellectual property in the most cost-effective way.

We have expertise in bringing and defending copyright disputes, passing off claims and claims for trade mark infringement.

We are there to assist with trade mark registration whether nationally, EU-wide or internationally. We advise on applications for revocation and invalidity of trade marks where, for example, the prior use of a trade mark is claimed.

As an established brand owner, further economic success may be found in the exploitation of the intellectual property in your business. As the owner of a trade mark, copyright or design right, there are many opportunities to assign and license your intellectual property for use by others, under your terms.

We are able to assist in the negotiation and drafting of agreements for licensing and assigning intellectual property and to advise and take effective action in all manner of intellectual property and media law disputes.

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