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Care home briefing 140 – Are you ‘fit’?

Although there have been regulations in place for some time requiring providers of healthcare services regulated by CQC to be “fit” to do so, it has been clear for some time that these requirements are to be strengthened. Draft regulations are currently before Parliament which introduce a new category of fitness, initially only for NHS Trust Directors, but it is clear that those Regulations will be followed by separate Regulations applying to the private sector.

The Regulations require parliamentary approval, but the draft will require Directors of NHS Trusts (and presumably in due course private providers) to show evidence of:

  • Good character
  • Physically and Mentally fit to carry on the activity
  • Satisfactory conduct in employment
  • Criminal records

However, a new provision requiring demonstration of the qualifications, skills and experience that are “necessary” for the relevant role in which they work, makes the assessment of whether a Director is fit to be potentially very wide ranging. It is also proposed that a Director must not have been “responsible for, privy to, contributed to or facilitated any serious misconduct or mismanagement (whether unlawful or not) in the course of carrying on a regulated activity”. This is obviously a very wide provision which could have serious implications for managers involved in serious untoward incidents.

Whilst it is proposed that individuals will have the right to appeal a CQC decision on whether they are “fit” this is unlikely to be a speedy or cheap procedure.

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