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Care home briefing 144 – Compensation for unlawful detention

We have previously commented on the Courts’ approach to compensation for unlawful detention under the Mental Health Act.

A recent case1 illustrates the Court’s approach to compensation for unlawful detention in the context of a failure to comply with the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS).

The Facts

The patient was taken into a care home by the Local Authority because of reported concerns about his finances and vulnerability to exploitation. The circumstances of this amounted to a deprivation of liberty, and for much of the time this was not authorised by a DoLS authorisation. The relevant period of unlawful detention was arguably between 13-17 months.

Quantum of compensation

In the case of London Borough of Hillingdon v Neary2 the Court had awarded £35,000 for 12 months of unlawful detention. In the current case, it therefore approved a settlement under which the patient received £60,000 In damages, which equated to between £3,500-£4,600 compensation for unlawful detention per month.

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January 2015

1 Essex County Council –v- RF & Others [2015] EWCOP1
2 [2011] EWHC3522


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