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Furlough and maternity leave – update from the government

The government updated its guidance on furlough and maternity leave on 9 June 2020. If an employee wants to return from maternity leave early she will be required to give her employer at least 8 weeks’ notice to return to work early. However, an employee is only required to give 8 weeks’ notice if the employer advised the employee when the maternity leave will end. Most employees will be required to give 8 weeks’ notice to return to work early.

The Chancellor announced at the end of May that the furlough scheme will be closed to new entrants on 10 June. This caused concern to employees who are currently on maternity leave and due to return before the furlough scheme ends at the end of October, particularly where there is limited or no work for them to return to.

The Chancellor announced on 9 June that “parents on statutory maternity leave and paternity leave who return to work in the coming months will be eligible for furlough scheme even after 10 June cut-off date.”

Details of this and the flexible furlough scheme are to be announced on 12 June 2020.  If you have any questions please contact Sejal Raja on


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