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With the Conservatives now in power what employment implications will this have for organisations?

The Conservative Party’s manifesto was to achieve full employment in Britain by supporting “British businesses, cutting red tape, lowering taxes on jobs and enterprise, getting young people into work and boosting apprenticeships” and seeks to do this by implementing the following. This is not an exhaustive list but some of the measures set out in the Conservative Party manifesto.

National Minimum Wage

The new Government has proposed that it will seek to accept the recommendation by the Low Pay Commission and has suggested that the National Minimum Wage will increase in October 2015 to £6.70 per hour and will increase to £8.00 an hour by end of 2020.

It has also proposed that anybody earning less than £12,500 will not pay Income Tax.


The Government proposes to promote gender equality by requiring companies with more than two hundred and fifty employees to publish the difference in earnings between their male and female employees.

It also aims to reduce the employment gap for disabled people by half by introducing policy and practice to ensure more disabled people are in employment.

Zero Hours Contracts

The Government proposes to make exclusivity clauses in zero hours contracts unenforceable.

Fitness to Work

The Government proposes to assist those with long term medical conditions back to work by ensuring that they receive the right medical treatment. If, however medical treatment is refused then their benefits may reduce.

The Government also proposes to support those suffering from mental health problems to assist them returning to work.

Migrant Workers

The Government proposes to minimise the exploitation of migrant workers and will seek to identify businesses that employ illegal workers and also take action on employers who do not pay the National Minimum Wage.

It will be interesting to see whether these proposals will be implemented and how they will be implemented over the coming months.

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