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BMA’s Manifesto for Health: A Summary

The body that represents medical students and doctors in the UK has published its manifesto for health which aims to improve patient care and the working life of doctors in the UK. BMA Council Chair Chaand Nagpul has warned of the “perfect storm”[1] of what is anticipated to be one of the worst winters faced by the NHS alongside the general election.  The manifesto outlines the BMA’s priorities for any incoming government. Here we provide a brief summary of the recommendations included in the manifesto.

Valued workforce

  • End the annual allowance and the tapered annual allowance pension tax regulations as these drive away senior members of staff
  • Introduce pay increases and address historic underpayments.
  • Enshrine ministerial and commissioner accountability for staff levels in legislation.

Resourced structure

  • Increase funding by at least 4.1% nationally using the respective Barnett formula increases.
  • Establish long term plans for funding social care.
  • Abolish wasteful competition repeal legislation that applies to England.

Supportive culture

  • Celebrate diversity and promote an open learning culture within the NHS
  • Replace the “Who is to blame” response to incidents with a “what has happened” approach
  • Fully implement the BMA’s Well-being Charter with the aim of addressing the stigma surrounding healthcare professionals discussing their own health and well-being

Population health

  • Adopt a prevention based approach with a focus on addressing smoking, diet and physical inactivity
  • Introduce policies that focus on encouraging carbon neutrality
  • Develop legislation that addresses the levels of pollution in the UK
  • A cross government strategy that aims to improve the mental health of the public and fill vacancies in mental health departments



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