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Steps to take following the death of a person working in social care

On 19 June the government published guidance on the steps that employers may need to take following the death of a worker in an adult social care environment from coronavirus.

The steps that may need to be taken include:

  • Contacting the person’s family to offer condolences, asking whether the news can be shared with other staff and being available to answer questions
  • Telling fellow staff members
  • Reporting to the Health and Safety Executive if the death meets the criteria under RIDDOR – this requires reasonable evidence that the death was caused by an occupational exposure to the virus
  • Inform the Department of Health and Social Care – not a legal duty but a useful step
  • Inform CQC if the person was an individual registered as a service provider or a member of a partnership. Deaths of individual members of staff otherwise do not need to be reported to CQC
  • If relevant, support the family with an application to the coronavirus life assurance scheme
  • Share information about the coronavirus bereavement scheme

Further information on all the steps is available in the guidance.


This briefing is for guidance purposes only. RadcliffesLeBrasseur LLP accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any action taken or not taken in relation to this note and recommends that appropriate legal advice be taken having regard to a client's own particular circumstances.

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