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Covid-19 resources: Charity bodies

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Page last updated 3 June 2021.

British Geriatric Society

  • COVID-19: Managing the COVID-19 pandemic in care homes

This guidance has been developed to help care home staff and NHS staff who work with residents of care homes and their families to support them through the pandemic. It covers practical matters such as isolating residents suspected of having the virus and how to approach end of life care planning.

  • Managing delirium in confirmed and suspected cases of COVID-19

Consensus advice outlining recommendations for management of delirium; good general care including prevention, early detection, and non-pharmacological management should be provided as systems allow. Because of the ease of transmission of COVID-19, the risk of harm to others may exceed risk of harm to the individual and this may necessitate earlier use of pharmacological treatment.

The Charity Commission

  • Press release – Watchdog warns charities and the public to protect themselves against fraudsters amid pandemic

The Charity Commission is warning trustees and donors to strengthen defences as it fears the pandemic has created environments that are enabling charity fraud.

Resuscitation Council

  • Guidance for the resuscitation of COVID-19 patients

Providers are advised to identify as early as possible any patients with a COVID-19 like illness, who are at risk of acute deterioration or cardiac arrest and to take appropriate steps to prevent cardiac arrest and avoid unprotected CPR.