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Fifth Conviction for Corporate Manslaughter – and First Publicity Order

Previous briefings have commented on earlier convictions under the Corporate Manslaughter & Corporate Homicide Act 2007. To date, there have been none in the healthcare sector although there have been many reports of prosecutors considering this.

The latest conviction related to a water sports company.


A water sports company pleaded guilty to breaching Section 1(1) of the Act following the death of an 11 year old girl in Middlesex. She had fallen off a boat but this was not seen by the boat driver. Although an adult and several children tried to draw the driver’s attention to the fall, he did not see the girl and she was killed when the boat ran over her.


The company running the water sports is no longer trading and was ordered to pay what the Judge said was “every penny that it has”. The fine was £134,579.69.

In addition, the Judge made a Publicity Order specifying the fact of the conviction, the particulars of the offence and the fine.

It is worth noting that the Judge commented that if the company had been trading, he would have imposed a fine so high so as to put the company out of business.

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March 2014


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