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Is it true that you can have a “Quickie Divorce” as often suggested by Press reports?

In England and Wales, it usually takes between four and six months from the date of issuing divorce proceedings to the date Decree Absolute (the divorce) is pronounced. This time estimate is based on both parties co-operating in the proceedings and progressing them on the earliest possible date. How long it takes to get divorced is subject not only to the time the parties take to progress the proceedings but also to the time the Courts take for dealing with each stage of the application. As a result of Government cutbacks, some Courts currently take longer than they used to.

In almost all cases, it is necessary for there to be a final financial Order, which is obtained by the parties issuing a separate financial application following the issue of divorce proceedings. It can often take longer than three to six months to obtain a final Order from Court. We settle almost all our cases. If a case proceeds to trial as a result of one or other spouse being unrealistic in their financial expectations or because one or other spouse has failed to give full and frank financial disclosure, it can take between nine to twelve months on average to a final hearing. We have expertise in progressing both divorce and financial proceedings as quickly as possible, while ensuring that decisions that affect your financial future are not reached until proper consideration has been given and sufficient information obtained in order to ensure that the arrangements are the best obtainable for you.

If you would like any further information or advice with regard to the above, please contact our Family Department.

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