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Launch of the CARE badge

A new badge is launched as a unifying symbol of pride in our 9 million social care champions and to raise money for care-related causes

With 9 million paid and unpaid carers in the UK, Care England and everyLIFE Technologies have launched the CARE badge at the Residential & Home Care Show, at London’s ExCeL, to promote awareness of and appreciation for this crucial service and raise the esteem in which social care and its participants are held.

The CARE badge was born on 19th March 2019 while listening to Professor Martin Green, Chief Executive of Care England, highlight the opportunities and challenges faced by care providers and the lopsided message that the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care sends by only wearing an NHS lapel badge. The Chairman of everyLlFE Technologies, Robin Batchelor, sitting in the audience, turned to his colleague and said: “We should work with Care England to change that.”

This new initiative calls on the UK’s business leaders to buy the CARE badges and distribute them for FREE to their employees and customers in a visible display of support for the 1 in 4 of the UK population that is either providing or receiving care outside of a hospital environment every day.

Professor Martin Green, Chief Executive of Care England commented, “The CARE badge is an eye-catching and powerful symbol of pride in the quality of care so many deliver across the UK every day. I shall be wearing my CARE badge with pride and I sincerely hope all of you will get a CARE badge and raise the profile of care.”

While the CARE badge is personal to everyone, those wearing the CARE badge share common benefits, including:

  • showing involvement with and/or support of social care in its many forms
  • building a team spirit within a widely distributed care community
  • a personal commitment to quality in care
  • an invitation to start conversations about care
  • encouraging recruitment and retention of care staff
  • reinforcing the size and importance of this often-overlooked care community.

The CARE badge CIC is a community interest company co-founded by Care England and everyLlFE Technologies with the sole purpose of providing the CARE badge to companies, charities and other organisations. Board members include representatives from Care England, everyLlFE Technologies and the National Care Forum.

The CARE Badge CIC is administered and managed for free by volunteers from everyLlFE Technologies who have donated the first 20,000 badges and 1,000 display trays. Costs incurred by the CARE badge CIC are therefore limited to the cost of badges, badge packaging and postage. All profits are donated to care-related causes and charities selected by carers. Badges cost £1 each, including packing and postage, with a minimum order of £100 and can be ordered online at

Those badge purchasers with few employees or customer outlets can donate purchased badges to the CARE badge “pool”, that will then be distributed on their behalf to individual carers for free by the CARE badge CIC at care-related events.

Andrew Parsons of RadcliffesLeBrasseur
Martin Green of Care England