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September update from Andrew Parsons, Senior Partner

Welcome to my latest monthly update. It is now over five months since the start of the pandemic lockdown, and a change in our way of life that no one can have expected. The year 2020 will certainly go down as one like no other. However, the year is speeding by, and we are less than four months away from Christmas!

Since my last briefing in August the relaxation of restrictions has generally continued, except in areas of increased infection. Worryingly, the Government announced last week that the infection rate was the highest since mid-June. The pandemic is clearly not over yet.

Although the Government is keen to kickstart the economy, and it is obviously important to get the children back to school this month, the risks from the infection are far from gone. It remains to be seen what effect the children returning to school will have on infection levels but hopefully the careful planning put in place to manage this will mean that this is yet another step to getting the country back to some form of normal.

Many of our staff continue to work from home although there are increasing numbers working regularly from our offices. We have also now implemented a protocol to allow client meetings to take place in the office where necessary, closely following the guidance on this from the Law Society. RadcliffesLeBrasseur has continued to provide a full service across all our specialist sectors throughout the pandemic. The ability to hold face-to-face meetings when needed means that there is an increased ability to return to the “normal” way of life that everyone was familiar with before March.

Our best wishes on behalf of everyone at RadcliffesLeBrasseur LLP.

Andrew Parsons
Senior Partner