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Charity formation

A charity can be established in a number of different ways. The two most common forms of charity are:

  1. A charity established by a trust deed
  2. A charity that is a company limited by guarantee

Other forms of charity are also available, including an unincorporated association established with a constitution or rules. We can advise on the most appropriate form of charity taking into account the services it intends to provide and the assets that it will have under its control.

Establishing a charity

The decision to establish a charity and to identify its objects and purposes are the initial steps. Consideration needs to be given to the individuals who will be appointed as trustees and how the charity will be managed on a day-to-day basis. We advise on all aspects of establishing a charity from the preparation of the initial governing document to the registration of the charity with the Charity Commission.

Charity Commission

Following registration a charity must continue to comply with its obligations under its governing document and charity law, and also with its compliance obligations with the Charity Commission such as the submission of accounts and the annual return.

We appreciate that some charities may only need advice on an occasional basis and others may require more continuous and ongoing advice.

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