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Debt recovery services for professional practices

We understand that cash flow is a major priority for every business. Cash flow ensures timely payment of expenses, avoids the need to take out loans and prevents unnecessary expenditure, such as piled up interest or late payment charges.

We also recognise that late or non-payment of fees can have a significant negative effect on a business’ cash flow. We offer a specialist advice service for professional practices to assist in the pursuit of unpaid fees.

Our legal team represents numerous professional clients, including doctors, dentists, architects, engineers and surveyors.

Outstanding fee accounts

We are familiar with the fee arrangements used by a variety of professional practices, and understand that late or non-payment of fees can result in significant lock up of working capital. We have therefore developed efficient and cost-effective procedures to obtain payment of outstanding fee accounts.

Action to receive payment

We tailor our solutions to each individual case and will take the most appropriate action in order to achieve payment. We are experienced in the use of statutory demands, adjudication and the recovery of debts through court action. Alternative dispute resolution, in appropriate cases, is an alternative to litigation and a means to bring about a swift, negotiated settlement.

Having difficulty obtaining payment?

If you have already obtained a judgment and are having difficulty obtaining payment, there are several ways that we can assist including:

  • Oral examination of the debtor under oath
  • Obtaining a charging order over their assets
  • An attachment of an earnings order
  • A third party debt order to divert funds directly to you, for example from a bank or building society
  • Use of bailiffs or High Court enforcement officers
  • Insolvency proceedings

If you are part of a professional practice and are experiencing difficulties in recovering unpaid fees, please contact us to discuss how we can help you.
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