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Financial matters arising out of divorce or separation

We advise on all financial matters arising out of relationship breakdown. Our lawyers are skilled in handling complex financial affairs often with an international aspect.

We act for a variety of clients, including clients with their own businesses, clients from various professions, high net worth and international clients.

It is important to protect your financial position and we will help you to resolve a difficult situation as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible. We will assist you through the financial disclosure process and will use the court powers when necessary to ensure you have full knowledge and understanding of your former partner’s financial affairs.

We will guide you through the law and procedure and advise how it applies to the particular circumstances of your case. The majority of our clients reach a settlement through negotiation, but where litigation is necessary, we will take firm action on your behalf.

The family team is part of the firm’s Private Client team, which enables us to take a comprehensive approach to the complex financial issues that can arise from divorce.

We provide expert in-house advice on tax, wills, trusts (onshore and offshore) and assets held in other jurisdictions.

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