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NHS performers lists

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Inclusion on a Performers List is a prerequisite for any doctor, dentist or optician providing primary care services within the NHS. Investigations by NHS England and the decisions of its Performers List Decision Making Panels (PLDPs) can have a significant impact on a professional’s practice and livelihood. This can be direct, by the imposition of conditions, suspension or removal from the Performers List, or indirect, by an onward referral to the regulator.

Our team of specialists includes advocates experienced in representing practitioners at NHS England meetings and PLDP hearings (immediate suspension and substantive). Where action has been taken leading to unfavourable outcomes or an application for inclusion in the Performers List has been refused, we advise on and represent practitioners in appeals to the First Tier Tribunal.

Key services:

  • Advice in relation to refusals of applications for inclusion
  • Advice and representation throughout an NHS England investigation by a Local Area Team
  • Preparation, advice and representation in respect of immediate and substantive PLDP hearings
  • Advice on remediation
  • Advice on and representation at appeals to the First Tier Tribunal

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