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Inquests for healthcare providers

Inquests can have a damaging impact on healthcare providers. The information and findings from an inquest are open to public scrutiny, not least because the press are often present. They can also be a traumatic experience for staff called to give evidence and it is vital that they are given expert advice and support.

The coroner’s comments can lead to strong criticism and legal action against healthcare institutions and professionals. It is therefore essential to be prepared in advance, working with your lawyers to address any critical issues before reaching the inquest and the coroner’s questions.

We understand the process and are highly experienced in providing advice and representation to both healthcare institutions and professionals at inquests.

We will work with you through the issues and advise on presentation of your case. We will ensure your level of risk is contained as far as possible, and that the coroner is aware of the changes you have subsequently made to practice and procedure.

We will support you at every stage of the process, including providing post-inquest support in handling press enquiries.

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