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Managing reputations online

In today’s digital age, protecting our privacy is a facet of our personal and professional lives that is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate.

With the growing use of electronic communication, it is possible for private information to be made available to a worldwide audience in a matter of seconds. It has therefore become more important than ever to be aware of how best to protect ourselves and our businesses.

Right to be forgotten

A decision from the European Court of Justice held that everyone has a ‘right to be forgotten’. It’s hoped this decision will allow individuals and businesses greater control over what is published on the internet and provide the ability to have search engine results removed where they are deemed to be inadequate or no longer relevant.

Data protection

We have experience in this constantly developing area, whether working with news providers to ensure that they are complying with their obligations to comply with data protection law or assisting individuals to prevent or limit the publication of private information.

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