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Secured lending

We undertake all aspects of secured lending acting for both lenders and borrowers.

For borrowers

Where acting for the borrower, our lawyers will advise on the loan and negotiate on their behalf to minimise their risk.

We ensure that the obligations being undertaken are fully understood and we will seek to limit the ambit and operation of the lender’s documents appropriately to the transaction to minimise risk to the borrower.

For lenders

Where acting for the lender, we assist (where requested) in reviewing facility agreements, investigate and advise on the security available and handle registration of the loan.

We investigate the property on behalf of the lender and ensure that their security is adequate and fully protected.

We will also take fast and effective action to realise the security where the borrower defaults or there is a breach of the facility.

We can also advise lenders on existing loans and securities on the property.

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