Defending trainee solicitors

A trainee solicitor’s life can be demanding. It can be made even harder once you are on your chosen career path, if issues arise concerning your training contract, professional conduct, or your suitability for the profession as far as the SRA is concerned.

As a trainee solicitor, you are subject not only to the requirements of the SRA Training Regulations 2014, but also the SRA’s mandatory principles and code of conduct. Regardless of your trainee status you will be expected to meet and maintain all aspects of professional standards.

We can help you defend allegations whether from your employer or the SRA relating to your professional conduct during the course of your training. We are highly experienced in successfully dealing with the SRA and its disciplinary procedures.

Or perhaps you have a problem concerning disclosure of a character or suitability issue, whether at the student enrolment stage, or at the end of your training in order to satisfy the professional character and SRA Suitability Test under the SRA admission regulations. We can advise fully and have helped clients successfully appeal such refusals.

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